Why Choose Dragons SC?

never give up


Opportunity:  Kids exposed to other great players and teammates become great players and teammates, and outstanding human beings.
Encouragement:  Giving your all to soccer also encourages children to give their best effort to any challenge faced later on in life whether it be family, education, or career.
Praise:  Positive reinforcement regarding decisions made on the soccer field.  Examples would be high fives, “Good job!”  “That’s it, Megan, that’s the way you do it.”
Correction:  Show mistakes and correct them, kindly.
Success:  Putting your child in a position to be successful and enjoy the game.
Commitment:  Our staff is committed to your child’s success in soccer and in life.  We will do what it takes to build your child’s skills and make them feel good and confident about themselves on and off the soccer field.

One of the pitfalls to any coach is dealing with parent’s egos:  At Dragons SC, we believe that no one player is bigger than the team, however skilled that player may be.  One player is not the team, all the players make the team.  If you believe your child is superior to other players on the team, we will not have a good relationship and you should continue your search for a new club.

What Makes Dragons SC Different from All the Other Clubs in the Area?

Our coaching style focuses around guided discovery.  Teaching concepts and ideas and repeating those concepts and ideas until players understand, embrace and put those concepts into action, to help players see their successes and mistakes with their own eyes.  This type of repetitive training makes good decisions instinctive.  Soccer is played at a fast pace and good decisions need to be instinctive.

Our coaches are very involved in practices and games.  You’ll rarely, if ever, have a substitute coach, unlike other local soccer clubs.  We want your child to aggressively apply herself in training and game situations.

We demand 100% effort and will do our best to get that effort.  Winning and losing are irrelevant.  At every match and training session, we must leave it all on the field and never give up.  Winning is the product of giving 100% effort.  We aren’t happy with a loss when we didn’t give 100% and certainly not happy with a Win when we didn’t give 100%.  When all the players give 100% effort, there’s always something to be proud of.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Why encourage winning at such a young age?”  A lot of new-age soccer philosophy involves a development first approach to each individual player, which forces players to hate every minute of their time on the field and be forced to play in a style they hate, while losing every weekend during the season.

We want the kids to have fun and keep their confidence high.  Losing on a regular basis while being forced to play an unnatural style is no fun for the player, no fun for the parents and certainly no fun for the coaches.  These thrashings occur every weekend.  We’ve seen when a coach tries to force his will on his players.  By forcing an unnatural style when this is American Youth Soccer, not La Liga.  The outcome brings down the morale of the players and the team and makes training a chore, games a dreaded event,

Our first goal is to mold your child into a confident, great soccer player.   When the child learns the fundamentals of the game and applies the principles in soccer on and off the field; this is a recipe for success and will prepare her for any future challenge that she may encounter.

We want your child to LOVE playing the game, LOVE being a part of a TEAM, LOVE learning and developing skills and LOVE the fact that their coach is so committed to their success.  Our ultimate objective is for your child to reach their dreams.  Let’s face it; realistically, they probably won’t be a pro athlete, but they can learn about failure, what it takes to succeed, how to be a team player and experience success with their friends. We will do our very best to teach the principles necessary to be successful on the soccer field, but more importantly, in the game of life.

We will not play a style of soccer that does not fit our players or their strengths.  We will not force failure.  We will allow the children to set the style and teach based on their strengths on the field.

Great teams are family.  They protect each other on the field and they fight together, they win together and they inevitably lose together.  Soccer is a team effort and victory or loss cannot be placed on one individual alone.  Our players treat one another like family. We encourage pregame huddles and love for the kids to come up with their own pregame rituals, whether it be a dance or cheer.  This is motivating and gives the kids a real sense of what it’s like to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Our definition of a successful season is positive progress.  We weigh where the team was at the start of the season and where they are at the end.   They say the way a team plays is the reflection of what they are taught.  Dragons SC teams always have that signature scratch, fight and “never give up” attitude.

Our collective hope is that kids will remember us as an influence in the reason they went after their dreams.  The reason they never gave up and the reason they always give 110%.