Welcome to Dragons Soccer Club, Inc. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation promoting Youth Soccer in the Kansas City Metro area.

President Derik Griffith

United States
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“I believe that watching a child develop into a great soccer player is one of the most rewarding experiences.  The payoff I get is the smile I see on their faces when they succeed on the field.”

Derik Griffith
Director of Coaching
U.S. Soccer Federation Licensed Coach, NSCAA Level I Diploma, NYSA Premier Coach
Current Team: U12 Girls, U13 Girls
Most Memorable Soccer Moment:  Watching my daughter score her first goal, then another and then another in the same game.

With an avid passion of sports from a young age, Derik played basketball and is a student of the game.  He is a loyal fan of the Kentucky Wildcats, where he was born and raised.  Derik began coaching his daughter’s team when she took an interest in the sport.  His daughter’s passion for the sport quickly became his.  He started to educate himself and obtain licenses from the NYSA and USSF and is still pursuing more advanced licenses in coaching.

Derik is a licensed coach, but a volunteer.

“I feel like it’s all about the money these days.  Club coaches will take monthly coaching fees from families and then send a substitute to practice.  Or have a parent volunteer to manage the team.  Most club coaches have a strict policy regarding contact, and you can rarely approach them at practice or at a game.  I think it’s nonsense.  Having a great relationship with the parents of the kids on your team is essential in building a strong team.”

Derik has 5 years of experience coaching youth soccer. His natural eye for the game and ability to motivate players has made his 5 years of coaching youth soccer a major success. Dragons SC collectively posted a 90-29-6 record over 5 years and 4 undefeated seasons with a GD of 40-4 in Fall 2015, a GD of 60-3 in Fall 2016 and a GD of 79-3 in Spring 2017.

Derik believes in always leaving it all out on the field.