Effective April 1, 2013

NAME. The name of this club shall be the Dragons Soccer Club, hereafter Dragons SC or DSC. 

PURPOSE. The purpose of this club shall be to develop, promote, and govern the game of soccer among youth under 19 years of age. 

AREA. The area shall be that of the school districts of the City of Gardner, City of Edgerton, City of Spring Hill, City of Ottawa, City of Wellsville, City of Olathe and the City of Overland Park

AFFILIATION. This club shall be a subsidiary of the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) which is in turn affiliated with the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) and FIFA, the International Governing Body for Soccer.

PLAYERS. All boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 18 shall be eligible to participate, subject to any suspensions or restrictions imposed by the Club directors. All players shall abide by Club bylaws, club rules and regulations; rules and regulations of the USSF and DSC respectively; and all applicable rules and regulations of the organizations with which the League is affiliated. 

MEMBERS. The voting members shall be the coaches and/or officers of the Club who shall be the only “members.” Any action which under the bylaws would otherwise require approval by a majority of all members shall require only approval of the Director of Coaching. All rights which would otherwise vest in the members shall vest in the Coaching staff. During the Annual General Meeting (AGM), coaches shall be treated as members. 

BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The governing board of this Club shall be the Staff Coaches and selected Officers, which shall conduct the business affairs of the Club and shall be composed of the following: 

Director of Coaching: Shall be the chief executive officer of the Club, shall conduct all meetings of the Board at which he or she is present, shall appoint temporary committees when the need arises, and shall be the official liaison with the USSF. Shall be the liaison between the Club and Advanced coaches; shall hold meetings and assist in tryouts; shall schedule practices and games; shall be the liaison between Leagues and the club; and shall assist in all duties pertaining to Advanced coaches. Shall maintain all accounts, shall receive income and bills, shall prepare payments, maintain all financial records and reports and submit all tax and non-profit organization forms and payments. Shall supervise the solicitation of all team sponsors and shall keep them informed of all pertinent Club information, and shall be in charge of any activities having to do with sponsors, including the coaches and sponsors appreciation party and plaques.

Director of Boys Coaching: Shall, in the absence of the Director of Coaching, undertake all duties of the DOC, shall handle all public relations and publications for the Club, and shall schedule all Club teams for play.

Director of Girls Coach Coaching: Shall, in the absence of the Director of Coaching, or Director of Boys Coaching undertake all duties of the DOC.

Director of Communications: Shall, handle all speaking engagements including networking, luncheons, answering questions to prospective members. shall handle all public relations and publications for the Club, and shall schedule all Club teams for play.

Tournament Director: Shall, in the absence of the Director of Coaching, or Director of Boys Coaching or Director of Girls Coaching undertake all duties of the DOC. Shall, search for tournaments to participate in for all teams.

Director of Recruiting: Shall be responsible for scouting players, watching games and recruiting (when allowed by the USSF laws).

Secretary: Shall keep accurate records of the Board meetings and shall handle all correspondence. Shall also edit the Club Handbook. Shall collect all registration forms and assure that they are complete; shall report those registrations to the League; shall direct team building; and shall prepare player ID cards. Shall organize Recreational referees’ schedules and the Advanced schedules for which the Club is responsible, hold referee meetings, conduct or arrange clinics, supervise the conduct of the referees, and be the liaison between the Club and the League. The Referee Coordinator shall also collect game cards and prepare the pay requests for all referees and transmit those requests to the Treasurer for payment. Shall assume all duties pertaining to Recreational coaches; and shall be the liaison between the Club and Recreational coaches. Shall supervise the acquisition of fields for League games and shall supervise and arrange for payment for fields setup. Shall supervise the acquisition, maintenance, storage and distribution of goals and other equipment. Shall work with the Sponsor Coordinator to get logos on uniforms; shall get bids and order uniforms and balls; and shall determine the best way to distribute uniforms to coaches. Shall maintain a roster and coordinate all interested parents who wish to help with the various special events of the Club, including fund raising, publicity, picture day, etc.; and shall create and handle distribution of volunteer form for registration.

BOARD DUTIES. The Board shall have exclusive responsibilities for the following, in addition to or as part of the normal legal responsibilities of a board:

Enforcing and interpreting the bylaws and rules and regulations of the Club and of the USSF within the area of the Club.

The designating of divisions or geographical areas within the Club area for the operation of games and competitions.

Selecting coaches for all affiliated teams. Any coach who has served in any previous season shall have a right to be appointed in a subsequent year unless he or she is re-appointed by the Board or the DOC. Coaches will be selected on the basis of their ability to display and teach good sportsmanship, to teach the techniques and rules of soccer, and to manage their players as a team.

Supervising team coaches and insuring that teams are being managed and coached in a satisfactory manner, consistent with good sportsmanship, good soccer, and the best interest of the players.

To undertake all other duties necessary to carry out the purposes of the Club.

TERMS OF OFFICE. The members of the Board shall be the Staff Coaches of DSC. Any vacancy on the Board may be filled by the Board at any duly noticed meeting, or with DOC approval.


Regular meetings of the Board shall be held at a time set at a prior meeting, or at the call of the President, who shall give at least 24-hour notice of the meeting.

Special meetings may be called by any 3 members of the Board in the same manner as the President setting regular meetings.

QUORUM. A majority of the Board holding office, but in no event fewer than 2, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. All decisions shall be taken by affirmative vote of a majority of those Members present at a meeting at which there is a quorum. 


The Dragons Soccer Club (DSC) strives to maintain a positive environment for all players to learn and play soccer. To foster this environment, the entire DSC community including coaches, players, and parents must make efforts to ensure their actions are in the best interests of all players. When an issue arises that cannot be resolved directly between the parties, a grievance may be submitted to the DSC Board’s Grievance Committee.
The Grievance Committee shall consist of the Director of Coaching and a panel of chosen coaches of the club, officers, and/or trustees of the club. If the grievance is filed against the person holding one of the above positions, the other two members of the committee shall select a third member from the rest of the Staff Coaches, officers and/or trustees of the club.


Discuss the matter with the coach of your child’s team. No such discussions may take place when the coach is coaching a game or a practice, nor immediately before or after any game or practice, unless the coach has previously agreed to schedule a discussion at such times. No children may be present during your discussion with the coach. For issues arising from games or practices, you must wait until the following day to contact the coach.

If your discussion with the coach does not resolve the issue, contact the Director of Coaching. If the Coach is unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, you may file a complaint with the Director of Coaching.

Formal grievances may be submitted by email (derik@dragonssoccer.club or to the current President) or by mail (Grievance Committee, DSC, 876 S Mulberry St., Gardner, KS 66030). Please document the problem, the steps taken to resolve the matter, and your proposed solution to the problem.

Within 72 hours of receiving a formal grievance, the Grievance Committee shall appoint a Senior Coach, officer or trustee to investigate the grievance. The Senior Coach, officer or trustee may be one of the three Grievance Committee members or another Board member. The appointed investigator will contact and interview the parties involved and witnesses in a thorough, fair, and timely manner and will document the interviews. Within one week after being appointed to investigate, the investigator shall submit the written documentation to the Grievance Committee along with a recommendation.

The Grievance Committee will consider the investigator’s recommendation within 48 hours of receipt and either adopt the recommendation or make a different recommendation. The Grievance Committee will report the results of the grievance to the full Board at the next scheduled meeting.

Where the issue is likely to impact an upcoming game, the Grievance Committee shall make all efforts to resolve the grievance prior to the next game.

All documentation of grievances will be maintained by the Board for two years.

REMOVAL FROM OFFICE. A Member may be removed from the Board for any reason by a vote of at least 2/3 of the Members then holding office or by the DOC choosing to dismiss that member.

COMMITTEES. The Board may, by resolution, create one or more committees to serve at the pleasure of the Board. Committee members shall be appointed by the DOC or the head of that committee. 


The Club exists to provide a quality soccer experience for the children of our area. All actions taken by coaches should be made with the best interests of the players at heart. It is with these ideas in mind that the policy was written and should be kept in mind when the policy is used. 

This policy applies to all players trying out for DSC Comp Teams.

The DSC will attempt to develop as many Competitive teams as are needed and as are possible. The need will be based on the number of capable players available and the possibility will depend on the number of obtainable, qualified coaches, and the availability of referees and playable fields. 

All coaches must obtain their USSF National F License or USCA Diploma within 6 months of hiring as a Staff Coach. Returning coaches in good standing, staying within an age group, may keep their team unless they relinquish the position. Returning coaches will be considered in good standing unless judged unfit to coach by the DOC.

The basis for the development of Comp teams is tryouts and a draft. 

Comp teams are open to any player who wants to be selected for Comp Team level play. ALL players wishing to play Comp soccer must attend tryouts. Players may be added to rosters after tryouts if there is space available and the coach has evaluated the players skills and determined they are capable of playing for a Comp Team. Players are required to attend at least one tryout, if two are offered, but are encouraged to attend both tryouts. The regulation that all players must attend tryouts is made so that all coaches have an opportunity to judge the entire pool of available players. This is essential so that an accurate assessment can be made on whether enough capable players exist for the number of projected teams. 

Tryouts for Comp teams shall include all players in a given age group at the same time. There will be at least two announced tryouts for each age group. Tryouts will be held in the Spring as soon after registration as is possible. All coaches within the age group will attend the tryouts and should meet beforehand to plan the tryouts. To help in the draft process, coaches should record written information on the performance of each player during tryouts. Coaches may also be asked to serve on selection committees whose purpose will be to determine the number of qualified players trying out in a particular age group. 

The club must first determine that there are enough capable players before building a new team where returning teams exist. In young age groups and age groups likely to have high turnouts, as determined by the Comp Teams Coordinator, selecting coaches will be supplemented in this task by selection committees comprised of fellow coaches within the club. This will be done in age groups where there is more than one interested coach. Simply having enough players attend tryouts is not reason enough to add a team. There must be a minimum of 10 capable players available for each U9-U11 team and 13 capable players for each U12-U19 team. A capable player is defined as a player who has the basic coordination and skills that will allow her/him to play at a competitive level. The player may already demonstrate these skills or be judged by a selecting coach to have the raw talent necessary to be adequately trained by the start of the season. 

The U9-U11 Age groups will be viewed as developmental teams with an emphasis on building two teams of nearly equal strength. Teams will be named in the following order: 1. DSC Fire (Birth Year) (Academy), 2. DSC Rage (Birth Year) (Pre-Academy), 3. DSC Dragons (Birth Year), 4. DSC Incinerate (Birth Year). . This will provide the Club with a deep pool of experienced Comp team players when rosters adjust to 11 v. 11 play at the U13 age group. At the U9 level, new teams will be split by geographical factors including player’s schools. At the U12 level and above, we will aim to create a higher-level team, but will also work to accommodate a lower-level team if there are available coaches and interested players. Coaches have no right to specific players except for the children of the head coach and one assistant. A player has the right to declare if she/he does not want to play for a specific coach, and if space is available may be transferred to another team. Players and their families may exercise this right by contacting the DOC or Secretary to request a transfer. Coaches may not approach players from other DSC Comp teams about playing for their team at ANY time in the year without approval of current coach. Coaches who violate this policy will be subject to immediate removal by the DOC. DSC honors USSF Guidelines on allowing players to ‘play up’ above their natural age bracket. However, DSC reserves the right to evaluate such players and approve or disallow this option depending on a) the feasibility of forming the team in the younger age bracket and b) the talent and performance level of the player in question. 

U9 Age Group
Coaches should attempt to develop equally talented teams. Players will be selected depending on geography and players school of attendance. This will help to foster carpools and friendships among teams.

 U10-U11 Age Group

Coaches can protect as many of their returning players as they want. Players not protected by either coach will be considered part of the same pool as the new players. The team that protects fewer players will get the first pick of the remaining pool until they have matched the number protected by the team protecting more players.

After that, players will be selected from the remaining pool by draft, with order determined by coin toss supervised by Comp Teams Coordinator. Each round will alternate blue/white, white/blue, blue/white to avoid a situation where the coin-toss winner gets two of the top three new players.

In situations where there is one returning team and one new team, the returning coach will have the right to protect any of their returning players. The new team will then have the first selection from the new players up to the number of players selected by the returning coach. After that number is reached, new players will be selected by draft, with order determined by coin toss supervised by the DOC.

U12-U19 Age Groups
Teams will be selected with the aim of creating one Comp Team that can compete at a high level. The head coach will be selected by the DOC on the basis of parent feedback, volunteer participation with club beyond coaching role, and competitive history. The higher-level coach will pick the number of players they see as necessary to form a team that can compete at the level they play at. Higher-level teams will be expected to retain an open spot on their roster so that they can encourage guest play from deserving players playing on the lower-level team. In cases where there are sufficient, qualified coaches and players interested in forming a lower-level team, that team will be supported and encouraged by the club to form, providing there are sufficient playing fields and referees to accommodate them.

U9, U10 and U11 teams are intended as developmental age groups for Comp Teams.  As such, all players in good standing with the team are expected to get to play a minimum of 30 percent of each game.

U12 and older age groups at higher levels are also considered developmental and players in good standing with the team are expected to get to play a minimum of 20 percent of each game. U12 and older players playing for teams playing at lower levels are granted playing time at the coaches discretion.

The classification of good standing is left up to the coaches discretion but players that attend practice regularly and do their best to follow directions and participate to the best of their abilities should be considered in good standing.  It is recommended if a player is at risk of NOT being in good standing that his or her parents be informed of this status change and concrete ways the player can return to good standing be shared. 

Any modifications should be cleared through the DOC before proceeding. 

All grievances relating to the development of Advanced teams or issues arising out of interpretation or use of this policy will be brought to and settled by the club and/or league competition committees, as necessary. Affiliated with USSSA, via USSF and FIFA.

AMENDMENTS. Bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the Board by a majority vote of Members then holding office or by the DOC at any time. 

1. Money left in Advanced teams accounts at the end of the season will remain with team account unless team is disbanded, in which case the money will be equitably redistributed to team families. 2. Game rescheduling: Teams will often have rescheduled games because of tournaments. The Club shall pay one-half of field setup and all ref fees. Team will pay other half of field set-up.
3. Recreational team building shall be organized with the following priorities: Keeping school teams intact; players and coaches new to an age group will be remixed according to ability, but always with an eye to keeping school teams together.
4. Playing up/Recreational Teams: Parent requests for players to play up will be honored unless the Club feels there is a safety issue or there is no room on next level team. Players requesting to play up will be placed after all players are placed playing at their age level. Parents must request moving up in writing or note they give permission on the registration form.
5. Any referee training session shall equal one game towards end-of-session bonus.
6. Advanced teams solicit their own sponsors. At the end of the season, the Club will pay for any extra team photos for sponsor plaques, but each team will be responsible for purchasing their own plaques, trophies, or whatever thank-you they choose to use. They may make use of any discounts offered the Club by vendors.
7. The Board member having jurisdiction over a particular budget item shall be authorized to spend up to the level authorized for that item without the requirement for further Board action. The Board shall designate the Board member having jurisdiction at the time of budget approval. In cases where no single member is designated, the Secretary shall have the jurisdiction to authorize expenditure up to the level authorized for that item. (10/17).